21 thoughts on “How to Create Free Business Email & Use it with Gmail

  1. Hello Everyone.
    Please note….

    You will only get it when you are hosting in godaddy.. But if you are using cpanel, you will see an option under email section as "Forwarders". Click there and click 'Add Forwarder'. Then you will see an area as 'Add A New Forwarder'.
    Type the begening of email you want. eg. yourname or contact etc….
    Then in the second box choose your domain name.
    Then in the 'Destination' area There will be a box – 'Forward To Email Address'.
    Type your gmail address there.
    Then click "Add Forwarder" button.
    Now you can follow other steps as shown in the video.
    Also note DNS record is under Domains section. And it is shown as Zone Editor
    Click there to change it.

    OK Thanks

  2. Thank you so much for the video. I have some questions

    1. Do we have to create an email forwarder in godaddy? What if I want to add a person to the company and he is not willing to share his gmail address?
    2. When I open Zoho, I can see sent mails but I do not see any in my Zoho inbox, i only see them in my gmail..

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