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– AT&T Shares LG Optimus G Pro Launch Details, as Korea Gets Smaller Optimus GK /2013/05/01/att-optimus-g-professional
– Could This XT1055 Android Be Motorola’s X Phone? /2013/05/01/motorola-xt1055
– Sony’s Honami Android Could Have an Extra-Large Camera Sensor /2013/05/01/sonys-honami-digital camera
– Will Microsoft’s “Switch to Windows Phone” App Make You a Convert? /2013/05/01/microsoft-change-to-home windows-telephone
– HTC M4 Leak Looks Like an HTC One Mini /2013/05/01/htc-m4-pic-metallic

Watch immediately’s Pocketnow Daily as we speak about AT&T’s plans for the LG Optimus G Pro together with the Korean launch of the Optimus GK. Then we go over some Motorola XT1055 leaks and inform you why they matter and why they do not. Sony is subsequent as their Honami system proves to be greater than only a mid-tiered telephone. Later we cowl Microsoft’s new “Switch to Windows Phone” Android app, and what that is making an attempt to inform the market. We finish immediately’s present speaking in regards to the leaked images of the HTC M4 and what this implies for the OEM.

All this and extra after the break.


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HTC M4 Leaked Photos, Motorola X Name, Microsoft’s Android App & More – Pocketnow Daily


By admin

49 thoughts on “HTC M4 Leaked Photos, Motorola X Name, Microsoft’s Android App & More – Pocketnow Daily”
  1. Yes same feeling.
    That is why I want 4.3 inch.
    I can use it perfectly with one hand.
    But it's like you said youtube, the web is much better on a bigger screen

  2. Big size phone are cool if u can handle them with one hand but unfortunately my hand are not big enough to use over 4.7 inc phn thts why i prefer phn under 4.7 inc screen. Just my opinion…

  3. i would choose the m4 because i want something like the htc but with a smaller screen size and it will probably be cheaper 😀

  4. Last time, he was doubting about how Windows Phone will catch up. But now that WP is catching up, he thinks it's a desperate move instead of a great improvement.
    Jaime is clearly one big WP hater.

  5. lol exactly what i thought…i absolutely love Jaime but knowing pocketnow i'm pretty sure Michael is the only windows phone guy here

  6. Liked the support on barca even after getting raped by the Germans, shows you are a great fan………… Would choose the one, love the screen and the whole phone idea, got big hands so no problem….. I would even prefer a 6 or 5.5 in HTC one

  7. How else would you describe it if not desperate? Neither iOS nor Android are releasing weird apps on other platforms to sweet talk consumers into jumping over. I don't want WP to fail but this seems like a stupid move from Microsoft.

    They need to focus on the core OS's strengths instead of highlighting the most glaring weakness, its app selection. If I was Microsoft, the less people know about poor app 'matching,' the better.

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