HTC One Mini hands-on

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  1. I wonder why there is no iPhone competitor who achieves a small form factor with no compromises. These "mini" phones are always worse than their big brothers. Disappointing.

  2. The term "mini" here refers to the return on your money that you get. They look the same to me, one has the flash on top, the other on the side. I cant even tell which is which. 0.4" difference? Just buy the original one!

  3. There's a difference, they didn't advetise the One S as mini. They are right here, and too be honest it's not that big of a difference to call it a mini.

  4. It is smaller by 0.4 inches. Maybe you don't understand it watching the video but you can feel the difference if you hold them.

  5. Exactly. You're getting a little smaller display and stripped specs… Why can't Android phones just get "normal" screen sizes and still have high end specs??? Why is that so hard?

  6. The lack of optical stabilization is a bummer, btw if the second HTC phone in the vid was the regular One, then I couldn't tell the difference in size.

  7. seriously, "the same phone with no compromises", he said this at least twice and they went through about 4 compromises

  8. I buy iPhones but for Android I'd choose HTC over Samsung, Motorola, whoever else. Had 2 of them pre-iphone days.

  9. Why can't anyone make a mini phone without ANY compromises. Just sell it for the same price and the difference will be the screen.

  10. and this is why even though htc try so hard to build great phone, they are still suffering. please just fire your marketing and commercial department, and find someone who is useful

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