HTC One Mini Review

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  1. Hands down the worst phone I've ever had the displeasure to waste two years of my life on.
    It lagged like hell, slow!!! I wouldn't even give it the light of day in a million years

  2. One of the best phones that I had so far. Sadly though, after a while of using this I cannot call anyone and no one can call me. basically now I consider this phone for games and such.

  3. having used this phone for just under 2 years…worst phone yet, and unfortunately my battery dies on 80% with little usgage on Facebook. became such laggy phone, poor camera with focusing be an absolute phone breaker sometimes. thankfully I have the Samsung s6, which in my opinion having a larger phone is so much better

  4. My Htc One Mini just dropped on the screen from more than 1m height and no scratch! Wow, good protection HTC!!!

  5. Do not get the HTC one mini. I'm on my second mini. The first one I had after 6 months just shut off randomly and never turned on again. I've had my second one for about 2 months and it's following the same path as my first mini.

  6. Yes, it's infinitely better to have something small. I loved my IPhone 5. Loved my 4S More. HTC One Mini is great for me. The HTC One Mini 2 is a joke, because they made it bigger and it has the same chipset as the original Mini. Had the Mini 2 shipped with the Snapdraggon 600, I would have bought one.

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