iPhone 5s VS iPhone 5 - SHOOT-OUT - Stills & video

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43 thoughts on “iPhone 5s VS iPhone 5 – SHOOT-OUT – Stills & video”
  1. Thank you so much your shootout videos are really helping me decide what phone I should get because the camera is what I mostly care about tbh lol thanks so much

  2. if we show the both videos without writing names and let peoples tell on it, i think must peoples would think that iphone5 video in the 5s 

  3. Doesn't look too much of a difference. 5 looks literally the same as 5s in most cases. I can't tell why people are saying 5s is blowing 5 out by a huge margin LOL.

  4. I cant see any improvment in camera from 5 to 5s. Between Iphone 4 and 5 is good improvment and same expect from Iphone 6, owervise will chose android.

  5. the main difference i see is that the iphone 5s has slightly more enhanced images and colors but with the use of the 5 that can be done with moderate picture editing.

  6. Greater dynamic range during day shots, brighter detailed night shots and video stabilization all wins for the 5s.

  7. It depends what model you start on! If you start on a S model then you should get the next S model. For example. If you get the iphone 4 then you should miss out the 4s and get the 5. If you start on the 4s then you should get the 5s. I think it's a waste of money upgrading to just 1 model up because the upgrade is never that much

  8. Oh please… every commenter is now a professional photographer. "Oh you can clearly see the difference in the exposure and dynamic range blah blah blah".

    It's easy to say that when you can see both results side by side with the name of the phone written for you.

    I guarantee you that if you looked at each photo or video on its own, without telling you which one it is, everybody here would have no more than a 50% chance of getting it right.

  9. In my opinion there is a subtle difference but not mind blowing…not enough for me to upgrade.  I'm interested to see what the iPhone 6 video will be like?  I think it's set to release in the Fall of 2014.

  10. There is a slight difference but nothing that can´t be enhanced is post IMHO.Video res is the same 1920×1080 so a bit of sharpness in post will do the trica… I have the 5 and might wait for the 6. I used several times the iphone shots to commercial ads not only timelapses but movies….I love it. 🙂

  11. Image stabilization makes a huge difference in the video — 5 looks jerky, 5S looks much smoother.

    As far as image quality, to a trained eye, the 5S images are clearly sharper. The colors are more vivid as well. 

    The 5S seems to expose 1/3 to 2/3 stops brighter than the 5, which is great for catching more detail in the shadows, but blows out the highlights more than on the 5. Six of one half-dozen of the other — but personally, I'd rather underexpose to save the highlight detail and dial up the shadows a bit in post. That's for stills. 

    All in all, the image and video quality for such a tiny lens and sensor are absolutely astounding. I'm sold on the 5S and will be upgrading to one from my "ancient" 3GS soon.

  12. Well, not like super changes, but for sure there is less noise on dark photos, and its seems like 5S have more natural colors: a little more whites and a little more saturated stills. But just a little.

  13. Those of you that don't see a difference, may need to see an optometrist.  It's not drastic, but seeing that Apple all but said it wouldn't be a drastic change, I think it's about right for the changes they made. 

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