iPhone 5s VS iPhone 7 IOS 10.3.1 Should You Upgrade?

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24 thoughts on “iPhone 5s VS iPhone 7 IOS 10.3.1 Should You Upgrade?”
  1. I have a iphone 0 .
    A russian prototype created in 1977 .
    I can't say more about it , but soon the whole world will know the truth about Apple .

  2. What an unfair comparison… That is obvious that Apple will make (intentionally) slower every product that is "old" (haswell processors are old, right? -Sarcasm). Please, re-make this comparison with ios 7.1/8.3 installed on the 5S.

  3. The iPhone 5s to iPhone 7 upgrade is the best upgrades ever i made.
    I'm tired of the fucking fixing my easy breaking iPhone 5 series (soooo many on 3rd party repair shops)
    The iPhone 7 has even very secured design and water is really impossible to enter on it only the speaker is it's problem.
    Also i damn love the 7's home button [very addictive to press lol] and everything on the iPhone 7 is just a real durable one.
    Battery life was normal and not like this crazy 5s which drains too fast!
    Also iOS 11 is more optimized for a10 devices unlike this 5s which like the iOS 10 4S (just imagine a 4s on iOS 10 if it's realased)
    Just simple answer:
    Everything on the iPhone 7 is just fucking better the 5s/se/6s/6 from the design and anything IT'S JUST BETTER.
    The removal of headphone jack is not a fucking problem because you are all not really supposed to use headphones
    while charing LOL

  4. It doesn't mean that iPhone 7 is newer, it doesn't mean that makes the 5s is THAT slower compared! Plus you should try my iPhone 5 right here! you will see A LOT of lag than on the 5s!
    Plus it counts on how much storage you have left!

  5. I think you're just like promoting the iPhone 7, what you said for the 5s is lag lag lag lag.. seriously, i haven't notice any lag at all on iPhone 5s, yes it does take some delay while opening apps compare to the 7 but lag is actually hard to notice on the 5s

  6. This completely pointless the iPhone 7 will clearly be faster and better due to the release date and the parts they use, like the iPhone 5s has old parts inside it from 2013. But the iPhone 7 has newer parts. Anyway love ur vids <3

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