iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR  Camera Comparison!

iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR Camera Comparison!

Full digital camera comparability of the brand new 2020 Apple iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR. Camera Test consists of night time mode, 4K video, Portrait mode, sluggish movement and extra! Subscribe for extra content material (IT’S FREE) :

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44 thoughts on “iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR Camera Comparison!

  1. Keeping Apple aside, this is one of the best comparison videos I have seen. Subtle elements like what's coming upfront in the video, side by side yet well defined shots. And the voice is as soothing as of Pankaj Tripathi aka Kaleen bhaiya.. cheers mate

  2. Wish tech youtubers act responsible to their followers than just being an apple fan boy. The only reason i considered buying iphone 11 was for its camera bcz all you youtubers were going ga ga about the camera. But none of you were honest to tell us that the camera has green flare issue when light source is in the scene. This is so bright that can not be ignored. Now when i started exploring about it, i noticed many users are complaining about it. But none of you youtubers warned us about this. You guys need to understand that its not a cheap purchase. Considering the huge price these kind of issues are going to bug us more. Wish you guys were honest in your reviews.

  3. This is shittest phone & after 5 & X, I downgraded to SE & gradually want to fade off apple & move to android
    The battery of this phone is pré-historic, forget all feature, display etc – it’s not usable at all – crap
    You have to charge 4 times in a day, that’s only if you are heavy talker – business talker not just chit chat I mean
    I had to buy 3 gadgets – wireless car charger, wireless desktop charger & power bank cover.
    So the light or pocket friendly form factor is a toss.
    Android phone on the other hand lasts days together , they do gr8 photos, videos, media & so on . For this price you get bomber android.
    This is my last iPhone

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