LG V30 vs LG G6 - Speed Test! Does the G6 Keep Up? (4K)

LG V30 vs LG G6 – Speed Test! Does the G6 Keep Up? (4K)

LG V30 vs LG G6 pace take a look at comparability! Can the G6 sustain on this pace take a look at? LG V30 is a really succesful machine!

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34 thoughts on “LG V30 vs LG G6 – Speed Test! Does the G6 Keep Up? (4K)

  1. Lol in 2018 v30 feels even faster. I installed Angry Birds 2 just to see how much time it takes to completely load up because in the video it looks like it takes around 5 seconds on that Rovio loadscreen but now on android 8.0 it's usually 2-3 seconds.

  2. Other than the V30 having Amoled, and a slight size difference, there is not too much difference. At least not enough for the extra money. I am a V20 owner, so I may go with the V30 only for additional updates.

  3. g6 have fast cpu, but phone is still slow… i bought my lg cuz i thuld it had quad dac, but it hasnt, laggy and buggy phone overall, not any bigger upgrade from my old lg g3

  4. So basically you are paying more for those 1- 2 seconds.
    That's totally brainwash bulls**t that makes you think 1 second faster is $200 more better

  5. The g6 will stutter alot in games as it loads smooth and stutter back and forth. Hopefully android Orea will fix it. Most phone that got oreo update have already gotten games to runsmoother on their phone.

  6. Bootup time doesn't tell me anything. The true test is running ANTUTU benchmarks at the same time to test multiple parameters, and the numbers will speak for themselves

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