Nokia 6 vs Honor 6x Speedtest Comparison!

Nokia 6 vs Honor 6x Speedtest Comparison!

In this video we pit the brand new Nokia 6 towards the Honor 6x from Huawei to see which performs higher underneath day after day utilization situations… opening apps, video games, managing reminiscence, and so forth…

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46 thoughts on “Nokia 6 vs Honor 6x Speedtest Comparison!

  1. please do review some indian branded phones too. I world like to see lava z25, which is i assume really nice phone in market. if you could do speed test against nokia 6 would be appreciated. thank you.

  2. we all know nokia company and how they make the phone , from motherboard inside hardware to outside cover and screen, they are well known company to bring durability and solidness of its hardware , i would highly recommend the nokia 6 #1 durability watch durability test of nokia it will make you think you can use it for coocking as a chopping board , #2 processor although it is midrange it has a good power consumption and snapdragon 430 is not far behind it will still perform and stay on the market for many years to come , #3 ram management , i tested the phone and it comparable to iphone when it comes to ram management #4 after market : you would likely not see the store where you bought the phone hahahaha it is durable and solid #5 trusted company , you will pick new company over to nokia cmon ? hahaha , new companies out there produce mobile phone faster but not sure if they are doing there job properly or they just want to be the 1st in the news !! unless if you are a type of person to change the phone yearly , ok im done hehe

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