Nokia 9 PureView UNBOXING!

Unboxing the Nokia 9 PureView, with 5 Cameras on the again! Find out extra right here:

This video was made in partnership with Nokia Mobile.

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23 thoughts on “Nokia 9 PureView UNBOXING!”
  1. Now in 2020 it is not that odd to find phones with 4 cameras, I predict next year in 2021 5 camera setup like this nokia will become standard/normal occurrence.

  2. I understand that there is no SD card slot.
    I think its weird since the size of the pictures is rather big.

  3. If you guys use 7 camera setup in the back it would be great…
    More ideas nokia can add to their new devices ☺️
    With Bigger sensor
    1. Wide angle
    2. Macro
    3. Zoom
    4. Normal
    5. 2 Monochrome
    6. TOF
    7. Also full screen display
    8. Infrared face unlocking system
    9. Latest SD processor
    10. Fast charging
    11. Innovative design
    12. Improved UI
    13. Reverse charging
    14. Gimble like camera stabilization
    15. 8k recording with all cameras
    16. 5000 mAh battery
    17. More advance In display fingerprint scanner

    I think nokia has a lot of potentials….Good luck

  4. I just love that Nokia chose a Android OS, for there phones. They are affordable, easy going and really nice phones.

  5. I'm just happy Nokia changed there way because they used too put Microsoft software on there phone a couple years ago

  6. My worst shopping experience was buying a Nokia 7+. In less than a year, the phone restarted automatically and stuck in "Download mode". Even the factory restart is not possible. The phone is totally useless now. I searched and noticed this a common problem with Nokia phones. Customer support did not provide any help. I will NEVER buy nokia again.

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