22 thoughts on “Original Apple Watch V.S. Series 1 Apple Watch

  1. Some great opinions, I agree, the Apple Watch is not attractive, but it's design is more for function I guess. With that said I've just bought a stainless steel one to replace a broken aluminium case and I think that will really enhance the look and feel of the watch.

    Also the fingertip problem should be better for people buying the sapphire glass version as I'm wearing a wristwatch with sapphire and it's clarity is superb. Great first video, I'm glad I came across it.

  2. Nice starting video! Just as Jonathan said, work on speaking clear and pronouncing words. Just put the camera on you and keep making videos. You can only get better!

  3. You're off to a great start buddy! A few things to keep in mind would be making sure to pronounce words clearly and not slurred, making sure you don't cover the same point twice (you said you didn't like the bezel more than once and it was kind of like beating a dead horse) and also showing your face a bit more and not just showing the table for the entire time. Other than that, I actually really liked it!

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