Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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32 thoughts on “Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8”
  1. Chose the Pixel 2 XL over the Note 8 and couldn't be happier. Love this phone and plan on getting the Pixel 3 next. I'm officially done with Samsung!

  2. I have a Note8 but never had a Pixel 2 XL. In fact i have a Pixel XL version 1. The only thing that can make people opt to pixel is camera. True speaking, my Pixel 1 camera is better than my Note8. It can be managed installing GCam on Note8. HDR+ and Portrait works perfect. In all other points, Note8 is way better. Build quality, software, hardware, headphone jack, wireless charging, display, etc. I know android upgrade isn't that great on Samsung side, but many features bring by Oreo are already in Note8. I can't find a better multitask device on the market right now and S-Pen is something nice to play with

  3. Pixel 2 XL, I prefer software and fast updates plus the Pixel has the most important things although I really, really like the Note 8 though, it's such a beautiful looking phone.

  4. I have that same exact pixel but I wish I got the note 8. The pixel lacks some features but the camera is awesome

  5. Note 8 with the stylus definitely takes the lead. Plus it has expandable storage and a headphone jack (if u prefer wired ones). U have have picture in picture on note 8 and dual apps. Its a no brainer feature wise note 8 is much ahead. But yes with Pixel you get the pure experience. It will probably last longer with longer updates and a simple GUI experience. Given a choice I will prefer note 8. I am planning to trade in my Galaxy S8 for either one. Am leaning towards note 8 though.

  6. Love my panda Pixel 2 XL. Would grab it anyday. Had previous nots and atleast for my use case, the phone slows down within the first 6 months. Not worth it for the flagship price for me.

  7. well… i know i am gonna get a lot of hate but.. thats what telling truth coasts u…. "These so called pixel lovers… when they will be given the oppertunity to pick one of these devices for free…. every single one of them will pick note 8. no matter they accept it or not… everyone knows…." end of conversation….!!!

  8. lol pixel 2 because Samsung's are known to slow down a lot over time. The stock android has kept the last generation of the pixel fast and quick. No skin, pure goodness

  9. If Google's "pure software" experience is gong to be their biggest reason to buy Pixel, I'll pass. Vanilla Google is just that; plain, boring, simplistic. I can wait a few extra tics of a second to have a more feature rich phone.

  10. I was going to purchase the Pixel but have decided not too after the reports of an inferior display and burn in after a short time. If things improve later on I may change my mind until then I’ll purchase and use a Note 8.

  11. The Note 8 just gets better and better the more I use it. I believe the Pixel 2 may provide the opposite experience as the person who buys it discovers it's bugs, lesser quality screen than Samsung, and what do you mean you forgot to bring your audio dongle. I think LG could have done better for Google.

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