31 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 vs Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 – SPEED TEST – Which is faster??

  1. I have had the J5 2017 for a couple of years now but I'm upgrading to the A5 (2017) for a couple of months, I feel no difference other than the camera is better and the battery life is just as good. I always. I did have the S2 once but got rid

  2. Samsung J Series Are Worse Series.
    I Have Bought Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Mobile Phone Two Times.
    I Like This Mobile Phone But The Biggest Problem In Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Mobile Phones Is You Got The Issue There's Moisture In Your Usb Port.when you try to charge mobile its not charge.the only option is turnoff your mobile and charge the mobile.
    I think many people face this issue in samsung galaxy a5 2017

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