Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note 4 a comparability trying on the key variations in specs & options together with Display, Build, Processor, Memory, Cameras, (*4*) scanner, Battery, Wireless Charging and Price.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 incorporates a 5.7 inch display with 1440p QuadHD decision, 16MP digicam with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), 4K UHD 2160p Video, 5MP Front Facing wide-angle digicam, 4GB RAM, has a premium metal-frame and incorporates a (*4*) sensor (with Samsung Pay), an improved S-Pen and Wireless Fast Charging

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31 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4”
  1. May Almigty Allah bless you for this am thinking of buying the note 4 as my grand prime is misbehaving

  2. Oh boy, you missed the fact that they both have stereo microphones and as a matter of fact the Note 4 was the first of the Note series to have stereo microphones.

  3. Very good review! You def. earned my subscription… but I agree with most people, the IR blaster, removable battery, SD card slot gone is bad. That was the reasons I moved from iPhone, but stupid me decided to buy it anyways now I have to wait another year and a half to get another one… Hopefully there will be a great new Note by then… with those features added back and then some!

  4. Great review showing the differences and letting the viewer make an educated choice as to whether to upgrade or not.

  5. Have Note 4 and was thinking to buy the Note 5, but i belive i will wait for the Note 6, Note 4 is a hell of a phone still (-:

  6. Also, video player on note 5 no longer allows you to take screenshots during playback which is just mind boggling considering the note 4 did and iphones do. I'm srsly hoping Samsung will fix this nonsense.

  7. S5 and Note 4 are better than S6 and note5 actually S5 charges from 0 to 100 in 1 min that's fast charging i have a battery kit and lots of batteries im really disappointed Samsung i was a big fan of Samsung due to the removable battery now i'm thinkin about Sony xperia when i buy a new phone

  8. Totally helpful, well compared review. Note 5 just arrived in Kenya unfortunately :(… Either way, this side by side comparison is uber helpful. Thanks!

  9. I like the note 4 more, but I got the note 5 because of the specs. I didn't want to be left behind in terms of upgrades.

  10. Did Samsung also remove the integrated hdmi from the charging port on the note 5 ? and the ir blaster ? BiG Bummer

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