Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus

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We examine the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus / S6 Edge+ with the iPhone 6 Plus on this vs head-to-head, two phablets with the best-in-class specs of their respective camps – iOS and Android. The S6 Edge Plus wipes the ground with the iPhone 6 Plus on spec alone, however usability of iPhones by no means fails to impress, as does design. How do the 2 truthful on this side-by-side? Check out our full video to seek out out and fireplace any feedback or questions within the textual content field under. Oh, additionally SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LOVE BTEKT! .

23 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus

  1. Watching this on my brand new S6 Edge Plus. I've been an iPhone user for 7 years. This phone by far is 100x's better than any iPhone. If you want a smart phone, then get the S6 Edge Plus. If you want a phone, then get an iPhone.

  2. please check iPhone 6s+ VS Huawei Mate 8 VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Speed ​​Test run-App Internet speed and amount of battery consumption in run mode Gaming and Comparison!????

  3. I getting a new phone next week. But I'm torn between i phone 6S plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus. I'm currently using my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I had a few bad experience with it because it often crashes. Most people are saying to me go buy an i phone, it has better software and protects you from viruses. Even though I said i wasn't going back to Samsung, i really liked the look of Samsung S6 Edge plus, I think Samsung has improved themselves.nd i phone 6S software looks amazing. All it matters is me picking a right one that I'm going to be happy with, as it is a two year contract I'm taking out. What I hear from somebody that S6 Edge Plus saying it's cheap, flimsy and battery port breaks easily. And with the iphone too many restrictions. So decisions decisions. :/

  4. You need to record which is faster in real-time which turns first example which is faster to navigate which opens faster the camera, which camera is more stable, the comparison you do not work

  5. I got the s6 edge gold and I love it but I'm used to the note big screen so soon I found out s6 edge plus is coming I order mine plus is 4 gb ram and faster charger..can't wait to get it tomorrow. Samsung. phone ever…

  6. literally just got another s6 edge like 2 weeks ago and now Im finding out I could have got the bigger screen and faster phone if I would have waited lmao still love my s6 edge

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