Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus: first look

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus: first look

One has to utilize any second whereas at MWC, and so we determined that bringing you a pleasant Galaxy S6 edge vs iPhone 6 Plus comparability would simply flip into time properly spent. Enjoy, and depart us any suggestions you could have within the feedback under the video!

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37 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus: first look

  1. Once you put a cover on the Galaxy it looks like every other phone its size.  I chose iPhone 6 plus over it because it's what I know and didn't need to complicate my life anymore.  I like the bigger screen on the 6 plus to watch my videos. Either phone is  not worth the money after you get finished paying it off.

  2. Why Samsung is not doing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen of 5.5 inches that can fight the IPhone 6 Plus now I think design S6 S6 Edge as the IPhone 2 models combine the IPhone 6 6 Plus + IPhone 4 4S like a reflection. light Very unique

  3. Coming from a guy who has pretty much owned nothing but android devices since the note 1. I can honestly say yeah theyve got 3+ gbs of ram and a "better" processor on paper but idk where all that extra power goes. Android slows down ALOT after youve had the phone for for a few months. But after switching to the iphone 6+ it does everything i need it to faster than an android and it goes without saying that the development team at apple is continuingly coming out with phones that feel so much more premium then samsung. Their is a reason so many people stick with apple just sayin.

  4. They both ugly as fuck… are you kidding me? That ugly as back camera so ugly as fuck… and fucking can't remove back cover anymore and can't put a sim? Sounds like a bullshit apple product to me!.. Best Phone is Samsung Galaxy S5

  5. samsung phones; s6 note etc; can never be as good and effective as iphone products, cause they are just 휴대폰. But iphone is a small Mac. People please get this. I'm Korean, as Samsung is a Korean product.

  6. you can't really compare them , S6 win straight up.cauz 6 plus belongs to the s5 standards. Samsung usually has better hardware, but iphone/iOS have better,exclusive apps and clear user interface.This is why iOS beats android in a lot of aspects,cauz android got no apps!

  7. I already love Samsung and it has better battery life as it completely closes apps but iphones only minimise them that causes much more power drain and have an old screen resolution plus that only make screen bigger and just a little designing and BAM an awesome multitasking phone is built…..NOT all apple fan boys try out the Samsung for a month and you can see the difference by yourself it's in my opinion that Samsung comes with variety …and it's best and way better than iphone 6 plus..

  8. This would've been better if you showed more of the iPhone features for people who don't own the Apple device. Just talking about it does nothing. The video is titled S6 vs 6 Plus.

  9. The iPhone 6 looks old fashioned next to this new Samsung. Jony Ive and team are losing their edge lately when it comes to industrial design I think. And I'm a satisfied iPhone/iOS user myself. As I've said elsewhere on YouTube, Apple better come up with something magnificent in the form of the iPhone 7 in 2016! Their competition are getting better than them on all fronts now when it comes to smartphones. This S6 Edge is the latest greatest example of that…what an improvement over the lacklustre S5!

  10. If Steve Jobs still alive by now, he'll knock out every single phone off the block and the design of the iPhone will look different than Tim Cooks iPhone design right now!

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