Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus: first look

Live from MWC 2016, PhoneArena presents a first look video between the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge & Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus: first look”
  1. samsung definitely offers more,beautiful design,curved glass, SD card expansion and IP 68 water resistance . can't say for the iPhone if you drop it into the water accidentally.

  2. Galaxy keeps showing Apple who's boss year after year. Wasting my money buying these cheap ass iPhones, but that will stop as soon as I walk in the store to pick up this S7 Edge beauty

  3. When a foreign Brand like samsung is able to dominate the US phone market it tells you that the local competition is Shit for consumers

  4. I have a iPhone, but I can't resist for s7 edge. And now I do the pre-order for s7 edge and sell my iPhone. Bye iPhone :"D

  5. ive seen the comparison with iphone 6s and samsung s7 edge. samsung s7 sucks in their camera in real world photo and dominants at low light performance.

  6. Did you say slightly better pictures in low light… Really!!! Are we looking at the same sample pictures because the S7 low light advantage is significant.

  7. The actual screen display of both phones is the same size, but the iPhone chassis is actually bigger. I like the idea of a smaller tighter chassis that still holds a big screen, basically cutting away the fat and leaving the beautiful muscle behind 🙂

  8. In the end, he says: "….even to the iPhone."
    Seriously? iPhones are just regular phones, just because they are American doesn't mean they are superior to the rest of the world's phones…

  9. The iphone looks so awful next to the gorgeous s7! The 6S doesn't even look like a competition now. The s7 is so much better in everyway!

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