Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus

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We pit the present better of Apple and Samsung towards one another, on this complete have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus!

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36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus”
  1. 6s is better on optimizing apps.. 6s is more secure if you lost or your iphone is stolen they cant use it… 6s is still supported even now 2020… more color accurate camera..

  2. The funny part it iphone 6s plus is still in sell in all major website and still in huge price..and samsung s7 edge dosen't even exist today..thats iphone fr u

  3. I think we need someone to do a review on two smartphone companies because if someone uses an iPhone, they will obviously pick the iPhone, if someone uses Samsung, (me) I/they would obviously pick Samsung.

  4. Who’s watching in 2019 and so damn proud of Krystal for how far she’s come?! Total tech influencer magic!!!!

  5. I believed that you can´t use optical stab. when you are recording on 4K (in the Galaxy S7 edge). (I´ve just bought S7 for US$ 220)

  6. Having had an IPhone 6s plus and now having the samsung s7 edge I prefer the s7 edge as I have an iPad and never really used my iPhone

  7. I have both phones and unfortunately my S7 Edge is no longer supported with Android updates and no more security patches. And my iPhone 6s Plus is still supported and is on the most current security patch and IOS version. The winner is iPhone 6s Plus for being the most future proof and with the higher resale value. My iPhone 6s Plus is still running strong unlike my S7 edge that has issues with its display and performance.

  8. I'm a Samsung fan all around. I am getting the s7 edge. S7 for me is to tiny. I like middle size phone and I can't wait for it to be delivered.

  9. I hope iphone now a days will realize how greedy they are. Im maybe harsh to say but thats the reality so face it. A lot of smartphone are worth buying than expensive phone.

  10. after some time you can face display problem in s7 edge
    and also not a good for video recording
    i am not iphone user
    i have s8plus but i tell you samsung is not better than iphone

  11. I had a iPhone 5 then 6s plus and now a Xs max. I just prefer iPhones. It’s my opinion so don’t call me an apple sheep which I am not.

  12. I have always been a Samsung person but I once decided to transfer to an iphone 5s. I had it for around 3 years because I couldn't afford to buy another phone and I absolutely hated it. I'm now going back to samsung, shouldn't have transfered. This is just my opinion please don't attack me.

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