Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs S6 Edge

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With the Galaxy S7 Edge contemporary on retailer cabinets is it well worth the improve from final 12 months’s S6 Edge? We discover out on this comparability of the S7 Edge and the S6 Edge.

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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs S6 Edge”
  1. Nobody gives a shit about using with one hand only these stupid reviewers seem to think it's important. What idiots.

  2. Very high quality phones. The battery lets them down and I would recommend a case as you see loads of them for sale online that are smashed!

  3. I have been using only big phones for all my life till my u11 got damaged and i switched to my brothers used s6 edge and i realized that i prefer smaller phones that i can use with just 1 hand, i wonder if the s7 edge is that big.. if not and if i can find a good deal on it i will buy it.

  4. the first and last phone I ever dropped on the toilet was my nokia 5300 xpress music. i threw it in the trash and bought 5310.

  5. My brother 3 years ago drop his s4 in water and it still work but I got the s7 2 years ago then got the s8 left with my dad and now using the s7 edge

  6. True, watching this on my s6 edge while charging… but yeah it cant stand a day with out charging, even tho im not using it that much

  7. How does water resistance even help your phone? It'd not like your toilets flooded and too much water will get into your phone

  8. i hope someone can read this my cousin is selling his s6 edge for 10,000 php or 200$ to me is it a good price for a phone he used for 2 years? or is the price too low or to high considering its 2017 and this phone was released in 2015

  9. is it worth upgrading to s7 edge from regular s6? i dont wanna get a s8 or note 8. as those are more expensive.

  10. @2:10 I can say I have NEVER dropped a phone in the toilet and have had a smart phone for about 7 years now. I know a couple people that have and I have no idea how that happens to someone.

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