Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1" Full Comparison

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  1. I am using this tab for second year already, it's ultra portable瓦 I bought it together with its keyboard on black friday for a very good price and its a perfect mini laptop (if you like android of course) at job for travel. it does all. the sound is good as well. the only thing is, when you work in word document, it's totally different when opened in windows. So, you have to rewrite the document. otherwise, it's a perfect tool for everyday work and rest.

  2. Crap shouldve watched this video before ordering tab pro. I thought tab pro had amoled so i went for tab pro. Damn but I only paid 160 shipped. Oh well. Thanks for the video.

  3. the image quality part isn't entirely accurate. the SuperAMOLED display has a pentile pixel layout, making text look worse than on an LCD, and the colors on an AMOLED screen wear out exponentially faster than an LCD screen. for most purposes, while an AMOLED screen has stunning colors, the resolution appears lower than nominal, which makes LCD a better choice for something like a tablet. I do however have a Samsung Galaxy Alpha with a SuperAMOLED display, and if looks great, but its not as sharp as the iPhone 5 I used to have

  4. I don't recommand Tab 10.5. It takes 5—6 hours to recharge (1 hour 20%). Also, the battery will gone within 2 days even you complete shut down the tab. The super save mode mentioned that it can use over 50 days is cheap….I bring this back to Samsung customer service and confirmed it is the product problem and they cannot fix it..It is not related to software issue….bad design!

  5. Thanks for a detailed and easy to understand review. In the UK, the price difference is over £100, so I will go for a Pro over the S, as the tweaks don't appear to justify the extra cost.

  6. Thanks for an Excellently presented video giving all information needed imo. on the benchmark please let me know what the score on the left-hand side relates to. I look forward to your reply. Thanks and regards, Joe

  7. Hi, would you be able to tell me or show me what the difference is between the two charging ports? Their location and size?

  8. Sry it started out good but i wont be taking advice from someone who couldnt think of a better number than 911 to demonstrate a video with. What a dumb move.

  9. I have the Tab Pro 12.2 and Tab S 10.5. The ONLY time I like my Tab S better vs the Pro is when watching 4k videos on Youtube. For just regular web use I prefer the Pro's natural colors. For web the Tab S colors seem off no matter what screen mode I use. I have thought of selling my S but once watching 4k videos I just can't it seems like you are there.
    I will say Samsung tablets are just about the most electronics out there. Faster than most laptops and better screens too for less money generally. Its a winner all around. All my 2 cents.

  10. I took the Note Pro 10.1 2014 for the S Pen. It is amazing, believe me. Never owned a Note product before but the S pen is not like any other third-party styluses on the market. Navigating it's really precise, being able to hover through menu elements for example and point exactly where you want on the page as it shows it on the screen with the small dot. The displays are both the best on the market, the one on the Tab S it's just a bit brighter but none the less the experience on the Note Pro it's just as great.Compared to the IPad AIr/2 it has a memory slot and i move very easily gigs of tv series in just minutes with a Samsung Memory Card adapter (at around 25mb/s) It has a better ration for watching films.

  11. I like both of them (samsung galaxy tab s vs samsung galaxy tab pro) .Which is the better to playing the games? Galaxy tab s 10.5 or galaxy tab pro 10.1…

  12. Virtually no diff except amoled on the S.
    Really glad I went with the Pro instead.

    Fyi, I got the Pro for 299 at BBuy this week.

  13. I've never had a tablet and I'm debating on wether to get the S or the Pro. Tab S here costs about $400, while I could get the Pro for $230. I'm want one for reading comics and obviously OLED would be awesome, but surely I should get the Pro, right?

  14. great review. I was second guessing my choice to get the pro but I can't justify the $100 price increase of the S. Had both been the same price then S would be the way to go but at $100 cheaper I'll take the pro

  15. I own a tab note pro 10.1 and it came with 3gb of ram. Plus, you forgot to mention the s pen. Tab S won't work with that. So, for those who enjoy it, I believe the tab note will be better. The only difference between the two of them is the amoled display for the tab s and the s pen for the tab note / pro.

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