The 2019 ULTIMATE Battery Drain Test Comparison - Top 10 Phones

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28 thoughts on “The 2019 ULTIMATE Battery Drain Test Comparison – Top 10 Phones”
  1. Lol I left my iPhone 11 on YouTube for 4 hours and the battery reached only 10%. Your videos are great but this test wasn’t done good at all.

  2. Iphone 11 pro max runs at lower resolution, an the screen brightness of the iphone dims automaticly thats why it wins

  3. I work in delivery and I can't be having to charge my phone all shift, this is complete bs how terrible batteries become and how much more expensive it is to change them to new ones, worst thing is: I just replaced battery on my S8 phone, battery still sucks ass, I remember when I bought it for the first time it could stay charged for days on end, now…. 12 hours without a single second of use and it's down to 30%

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