Top 5 BEST Smartphones of 2020.... So Far

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  1. As far as i have read all the comments and no one has talked about Iphone, maybe because they cannot afford or they get used to having free apps from Android which APples charges. In my opinion, i believe the best phone is Iphone for security. No one can hack. I prefer iphone than Android phones.

  2. sir, I've recently started a Youtube channel for review and unboxing of Mobile Accessories(bought from Amazon). As a new Youtuber, I already have bought lots of Accessories for review. My QUESTION is that what should I do with the product after review

  3. Hello, I am Hamdi from Morocco. Please do not buy Huawei phones. They have a great shortage and are not honest. They say that the phone has a good work system, but a lie that deceives their products. They say that the phone is fast, a lie, even if it has a strong, heavy memory, it is fraudulent and the RAM is fraudulent. Be safe and don't let them laugh at you.

  4. I have a note 8. I cant see myself spending over 1300 for note 20 that comes with no extra accessories. Any suggestions?

  5. Who wants a billion dollars? Put that zoom in a phone with an internal gimbal like Vivos flagship. They just belong together 😉

  6. The one thing that I don't find in any smartphones comparison is the phone's receiver ability to catch a network signal. This happens to me and my friends as well. While some smartphones can easily catch a network signal others don't or meekly do. Of course you may not experience this in cities but if you are travelling to countryside or villages like me where network coverage is weak, you will definitely face this problem. Many of my friends lost their cool because of this problem when their phones couldn't catch a network signal when at the same time and place others can make calls or stream videos online easily. I hope you include this part in your comparison next time. By the way great video.

  7. This wireless charging thing is what really buffs up the price, at least with OnePlus anyway but it's pointless with them at the moment because you have the buy the charging dock for an extra £70 on top of the £800 for the phone and they don't even have the chargers in stock (so in other words you can't use it).

    The thing about it why I debated wireless charging is cause I get sick and tired of cable and charging port issues, no matter what phone you have you get these. I've had the problem with iphone, samsung, OnePlus and I look after my phone's a lot too, it's just a catch 22 but also a money making thing for the phone companies hence the huge price difference due to this.

  8. Boost Mobile $50 plan is terrible you only get 2 weeks will good internet now the internet works terrible I want to get my phone throw in the garbage

  9. Ok so I'm at the point of launching my phone out the window it's the black shark 2 and I dunno if it's got the worst software I've seen or the hardware is bad or a combi but I've had enough of it now
    Where do I go from here?
    As it happens I don't game as much as I thought I would! I need something reliable and to actually be a phone when it's required of it! I've never liked Samsung but I feel I may have to try it next!? Im not sure I want s bigger screen than this one tho

  10. call me weird but I think the best until now are
    the mate xs
    the s20plus 5g
    the black shark 3 pro
    the iPhone 11 pro max
    the one plus 8

    with the honorable mention being the rog phone 3
    tho I can't afford any of these

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