Trump and Biden face off in final 2020 presidential debate

President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden confronted off in their final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. The debate adopted the cancellation of the second presidential debate after Mr. Trump stated he wouldn’t be collaborating because the debate could be digital.

The final presidential debate was moderated by NBC News White House correspondent and co-anchor of “Weekend Today” Kristen Welker. She is the second Black lady to function the only real moderator of a presidential debate.

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30 thoughts on “Trump and Biden face off in final 2020 presidential debate”
  1. TRUMP WON. So did Senator Doug Collins. Enormous DNC voter fraud. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying, delusional, or both. Enormous DNC voter fraud, as shown by Rudy and others. Wake up. Grow up. Tired of the lying and the delusion. God Bless the Mayor of the World Rudy Giuliani (arguably saved western civilization after 9/11) and Secretary Pompeo.

  2. This debate was like watching a car crash in a tennis match, it's horrific and hard to watch keeps going back in forth but ya can't stop looking.

  3. This debate is much better. Trump wasn't as rude and I am glad that someone counted that he previously interrupted Biden a record seventy three times. Wow!

    Now that we know Biden won, it is too bad there was no question about "What will you say to the American people if you lose?

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  5. I heard that Biden is gonna put his son Hunter in charge of the Federal Reserve .Hope they count the gold bullion before that happens . And they thought The Ukranian gas company was a big money maker ……$$$$$$……..Ka Chinnnnng…!!!

  6. It ist quite sad I think that Americans had only these two choices for their presidential vote.
    Narcissistic Arrogance on the political right und Two-faced Ignorance on the political left.

  7. Donald Trump must go to prison!!

  8. Obam needs obam did nothing in office neight did bidenand nothing going yo change with biden in office…god bless us to shut up.

  9. Lock Biden up lock everyone involved up justice for America we will not allow these criminals to run our country!!!!!

    With all the proof and evidence coming forward on Biden it’s clear as day now in that Instagram post the lady shared of Biden when he says he has created the biggest voting fraud organization in the history of America he truly meant it down to United States postal workers and thugs hired off the street to steal mail

    Evidence coming in left and right day after day

    CNN You keep saying show me the proof show me the proof here’s some proof for you in Bidens own words he’s committed the biggest voting fraud organization in the history of America that also involves United States Postal Service employees and thugs hired to take peoples mail

  10. President trump he is a super man very very clever he did anything good he cares for peoples i am sure people love him except democrats party and corrupt media hate him in England a specialist did say no need to wear masks from the beginning now they said everybody must wear masks i think if mr biden care for his country and his people he should let president trump run the country because only president trump be able to run the country i am sure if mr biden in power he has to do for the bribers

  11. You think democrats party and biden have to cheat because a lot of people died i think they wished people died even more so they can blame for president trump i think people be able to look after themselves all the advices are on tv don’t try to fool people to get in power you know people hate trump vote for you why you have to cheat

  12. Maybe they won't censor this sense it's an older video but Biden Joe and his son have been indicted for federal crimes…

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  14. Joe Biden is trying to break your country up on behalf of the world economic forum and the UN they are trying to steal your sovereignty and destroy the constitution

  15. anybody watch rebel news over the last 2 days George Soros directly funded company sharing office space with domaine voting in Montreal Canada

  16. I think Trump should say nothing just walk up to Biden say nothing and just smash him one right in the face for being a dirty lying cheating traitor# Biden crime family up

  17. At the very least this mess is set for do-over. Got the guts to run again? Just as a reminder, this is the guy you ran.

    and an afghan pederast heroin cartel overlord.

  18. TRUMP TOWER EXPOSED: Ergh! That spooky place gives me Goosebumps. Checkthisout:

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