Unboxing & Size Comparison of the Galaxy S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra

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21 thoughts on “Unboxing & Size Comparison of the Galaxy S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra”
  1. I do not want to get apple product ,but all android devices is just too big for me. A 5 inch phone is perfect for me. No choice to get iphone 12 looks like.

  2. Not liking the look of the long noodle-like phones these days. Hard to read on them because each line is so short your eyes are constantly darting back down and back to the next line.

  3. S20 is the best overall size for an active lifestyle while still being extremely handy and highend. Both the others are just too huge.

  4. I couldnt choose s20 vs s20plus bts edition. I am a fan of bts and i wanna buy it but i guess s20 plus is really big phone. I am a teenage girl. My hands are to small. Is s20 plus really big ? Will i have a problem? Shall i buy s20 because of ergonomical issues?

  5. Hi, I am unsure whether I would buy the s20 or the s20 plus! I now have the s8 hahaha: p so I'm going ahead anyway! the prices between the two is no more than 100 euros, so that's fine! what do you recommend me

  6. If ur a girl or have smaller hands the S20 is perfect.
    If u have bigger hands and like watching videos on a bigger screen with a bit more battery life s20+ is the perfect one for u.
    The ultra is cool but most people won't need the upgraded camera and extra screen size.

  7. ok i know you did a video on transferring stuff from another phone to the S10 but im getting the S20 on Monday… and would like to know if i can use that same video to transfer my stuff from my S7 Edge, to the S20? when i got my S7 Edge it tried to tell me how to put the phones back to back with each other and the smartphone i had before the Edge didnt have that feature so i couldnt do it… was just wondering if its gonna be like that or not 🙂

  8. Really nice video! I upgraded from S8+ to S20 and the smaller form factor is really nice, but I would have prefered it to be a bit wider and not so long. Otherwise for 700 bucks I really have no complains. It looks fabulous and the performance is really great. The camera also much better than my S8+, especially in difficult environment with less light or against sun.

  9. I am a iPhone guy but I like Samsung phones . My favorite Samsung phone is the Galaxy Fold, followed by the Note 10 even though I haven’t used any of them. I just love how they look. I love the Note 10’s screen and I LOVE how the Samsung Galaxy Fold folds in half. I love how Android phones are
    Doing some really cool things. And I just want the fight between Samsung and Apple. Both companies make great phones. The day Apple releases a folding phone. I will be so excited.

  10. Watching this video trying to decide with variant of the S line to go with. I'm coming from the s10 & I upgraded to the Note 10 plus 5g and it was extremely uncomfortable to hold (i think because of its square design) so I'm sending it back. Deciding between the S20+ or the Ultra

  11. I need help: I plan on upgrading to the s20 but its my first Samsung phone.is there anything I could do to make my experience as good as possible? You dont have to respond but it would be great. Thanks. By the way, new sub! <3

  12. The 20+ and the Ultra are also great for folks with visual difficulties. And the larger battery makes more sense when the power share needs too be used. When I can afford it I'll be getting the Galaxy Buds plus.

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