I’ve simply bought each the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium pill and the smaller Wacom Intuos Pro Small pill. Why each? Well, watch the video.

I evaluate these new tablets towards one another but in addition measure them towards my older Wacom Intuos pill. I talk about why pen and contact tablets are extraordinarily vital retouching instruments for photographers (moderately than merely utilizing a mouse or iPad app).

I offer you my most important cause for upgrading, a rundown of the present Wacom Tablet costs and I additionally clarify how single or double display screen monitor setups work with the 2 fashions.

Why did not I go massive and go for the Wacom Intuos Pro Large? Well, watch the video as I clarify that too.


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33 thoughts on “Wacom Intuos Pro Medium & Small Tablets Compared. Why I Use Them For Image Retouching”
  1. I have been a professional retoucher since 1997 and I only use a mouse. A tablet really isn't necessary. It's just one of these things that retouchers feel like they need "to be a pro retoucher" or to differentiate themslves like it's some sort of graduation. It's not. Save your money and practice.

  2. Appreciated this video. Still torn whether to go small or medium for my macbook pro 16 for photo editing…. thoughts?

  3. Great video, I have an ultrawide 34 with split screen feature. Thinking getting medium but after seeing your video maybe the small would be better.

  4. Many thanks for your instructive video. I ordered a new Wacom Intuos Small (PTH-460) for use with Capture One. When trying to decide on medium vs small size, I focused on ease of use with a single 27-inch screen. I did not realize the new small version of the Intuos Pro models do not have the 4 customizable options around the Touch Ring. Had I known that, I think I would have gone for the medium size. Tant pis, I will have to make do with the Express Keys and On-screen Controls.
    I have a question regarding the pen nibs that came with the product. Four of the nibs are grayish and are made of a hard felt-like material. What are these meant to be used for?

  5. I was thinking of the small version as I need the compact size more, but I do use the same setup, laptop with additional screen. Though the workspace I use I won;t need the second screen access necessarily. If you use two screens can you just map the wacom to one screen only even if you have two screens?

  6. Hi! I guess this is quite belated but a big thanks for this review Video as I was considering getting a Wacom Intuos Pro as a beginner tablet.

    I would like to ask if the XP-Pen Deco Pro would be a good alternative? I feel the XP-Pen Deco Pro would be the “coolest” from an aesthetic standpoint because of the light up ring.

    This will be my first time using a tablet and I intend to use it photo editing and small amount of drawings.

  7. Hi Karl have you done a install video, that I can follow as I want to install my Wacom Medium, I also wanted to know is it necessary to perform mapping as I want to use my tablet on my iMac and MacBook, wouldn't mapping restrict you if you. cna only work on one part when using it with two machines? Thank you

  8. Hi Karl, Can you tell me the difference between the 2017 and 2019 versions of the Wacom Medium tablets please?


  9. I haven't used a Wacom tablet for a very long time, the one i did use was something like the small one of today. However I am a sports and wildlife photographer and only do a little portrait work. I have a head injury which presents some difficulty in learning new things but I do eventually overcome these issues over time with practice. Which of these tablets would you recommend given my chosen subjects above? secondly do you deliver photoshop skills for learning to use the different tools on the left of the ps screen etc and the use of layers?

    Thank you


  10. So I have the previous Pro SMALL, which I'm happy with, but I've heard that the newest SMALL model on the Control ring only does ONE thing, versus FOUR. Is this true Karl? If so that would be a deal breaker for me, as I use the control ring for brush size, zooming, going from Fill screen to 100%, and Cycling layers. And zooming and brush size won't work with the buttons.

  11. Hi Karl just watched this information video as i want to purchase a Wacom tablet, the question I want to ask you is; There are 2 different versions of the small Pro tablet version 1 has 2048 pen pressure sensitivity where as the version 2 has over 8000 pen pressure senitivity. Which one would you recommend? The version 1 is £129 where as the version 2 is £179 do you think the extra levels of pressure are worth spending the extra cost.
    Finally I watch a lot of your content and I find it full of info and you get to the point in all the videos you present! WYSIWYG cheers

  12. Ive been trying to sell mine for quite a while now. It's an amazing tablet but I have no for it (I'm more of a traditional artist and I've only used the tablet once).

  13. I also have a two screens setup (24 inch-left and 27 inch-right DELLs) and a small and a medium wacom tablets. After trying all the variations I end up using a mouse and the small tablet mapped on the full 27 Dell and on 1/3 of the 24 (right side). 😀 So I use the mouse on both screens for everything else except for Photoshop witch I always open on the right side screen on full screen mode and keep tools, layers and everything else on this 1/3 right side of my left side screen… Works the best for me! I just want to know how does the wireless wacoms works? Both my tablets are old wired versions… Do they have lag, do they freeze? I would love to loose the cables! Thank you!

  14. Hi, Karl just wondering whether you had a chance to look at the new Wacom One tablet. My understanding it like a second monitor which you can do your retouching with. I would be interested in your opinion on this product.

  15. When i we likely to see episode two? Im toying with small or medium. I have an much older tablet but like the new facilities.

  16. I was looking for this exact video past few days trying to make up my mind to go for the medium over the small; and Karl posts a video; and since the work area can be adjusted to the desired size, going for the medium. (the small looks so much more portable though)

  17. I have a similar setup to Karls. I built a small platform, my 24-inch monitor sits on the platform, when I open my my laptop the screen lines up with the bottom of the monitor sitting on the platform. The Wacom tablet is located to the right hand side of the MacBook Pro. I found this set up a lot easier to use then having to turn my head left and right all the time with a 2 screen side by side setup.

  18. Before I purchased mine, I cut a piece of cheap MDF board to both the small and medium , Dimensions on website. I drew the screen with a texta at aprox position. Using a pencil I then played with them on my desk for a few days before deciding on the medium.

  19. Mi Wacon es algo mas antigua, una PTZ-631W , Intuos 3, pero va genial, por ahora no la pienso cambiar, funciona a la perfeción y no falla.

  20. I always thought that using a medium was just waste of hand movements. And it never even occurred to me that you could use it to map out 2 different monitors! Your brilliant Karl, thanks!

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