World's Best Smartphones - CAMERA TEST

World’s Best Smartphones – CAMERA TEST

Best smartphones digicam take a look at – iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Redmi K30 Pro Zoom, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, Realme X50 Pro

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21 thoughts on “World’s Best Smartphones – CAMERA TEST

  1. G'day, great video.
    I'm trying to find a new android phone that has:
    Good Customer backup
    A big screen
    Capable of taking macro photos, that show fine detail in plants and insects
    Long battery life
    Lots of memory
    Fast processor, so it can keep up with new apps 2 or 3 years from now
    Good resolution for watching movies
    Any Ideas?

  2. The problem with Chinese phones for me as an owner of a xiaomi phone is that it's not completely use it out of a box package , to get something decent out of these phones like camera you need to install gcam port , which you gonna struggle with versions and features works / not works , in process you may lost some photos due to updated app which have a bug, or record a video with poor sound etc .. if you like to tweak your device and play with settings and such it's amazing value for money. I've had 5 phones , 2 Samsung , 1 Nokia , 1 xiaomi and 1 iPhone and next would be iPhone . It's not the best phone, it's hell of a expensive, but I just pick it up and do my thing every time , not to worry about things , Samsung is good too, but exynos in Europe .. it's these small caviats if you have your phone with you all day and doing some extensive creation or something like you want to capture that nice of a photo and edit it , or capture the video in nice quality and you know it's there every time you pick the phone consistently , not much power user will be good with xiaomi tho

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