Xiaomi Mi4 vs Mi4C - Speed Test (Real Usage Conditions)

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32 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi4 vs Mi4C – Speed Test (Real Usage Conditions)”
  1. hi ash, i wanted to buy a mi4c as ihave. mi4i , where should i buy it , as i wanted the the global variant of that phone , are there any issues if we use mi4c here , as it is not lauched here, will it get the marshmellow update

  2. Hello sir, nice video appreciate ur work can u please tell me does this support Indian 4G Band…and what is the default language out of the box. please reply…….Thank you

  3. i'm from Canada, i want a Mi4c. Does the Mi4c support LTE? if i buy it from merimobiles, did i will get a fake Mi4c?

  4. +C4ETech Love this video. Please, upload an in-depth review of Xiaomi Mi4c and comparison Xiaomi Mi4 vs Xiaomi Mi4c, Huawei Honor 7 vs Xiaomi Mi4c. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  5. I think that multitasking issue (in which Mi4 load apps slower) might be related to OS version. Maybe Lollipop has better multitasking?

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