Xiaomi Mi5 vs iPhone 6S Plus - Speed & Camera Test!

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25 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi5 vs iPhone 6S Plus – Speed & Camera Test!”
  1. why so much hate?? what the price has to do with anything with speed and camera test?? it's still very useful video, maybe it's not "fair" to test starup time for android vs IOS but it's not about fairness and it's useful information, Great video, exactly what I was looking for!

    And for the price I also thought I rather get Xiami too (it's super cheap with amazing performance), But refurnished iphones aren't that much more expensive

  2. you should have used either chrome on both of the phones, or use yubrowser or another snapdragon optimized browser on the xiaomi….

  3. old nokia phone can boot faster than iPhone and android. how can you compare android a mini PC with iPhone well featured Symbion like platform.

  4. You are comparing two different operational systems and hardware, the boot up time is not a thing that you can compare….

  5. Xiaomi phones are cheap and performs nice. They have nice camera and alot more stuffs( biuld quality,screen, fast devices and good battery), but how will they work after 2 or 3 years are they gonna start laging? I use Htc m8 almost 2 years and has no lags, while many phones in this price like s5 or g3 start laging also it depends on how often you use your phone and for what perpes. Sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand.

  6. seriously? You're comparing a 129g phone costing $250 (or less) with a 192g device costing $720 and complain it's a little slower? I particularly find it quite shocking that the Xiaomi manages to bring a 5.2" screen almost into the footprint of the 4.7" iPhone (no plus). And again, 129g (MI5) versus 192g (iPhones 6s plus).

  7. Some of your comparisons aren't fair because they have completely different animations on each device… and your internet speed tests don't matter if it's a few mb's because that depends on a number of things such as server speed.

  8. Why compare android apps with iOS apps? Should be just compare web browsing, launching camera and screen unlock. The downloaded apps compare really make me LOL. Of course I prefer iPhone as its price a lot higher! But can't denied iOS performs well

  9. next time please drink a fucking glass of fucking water so I won't have to listen to the sounds of your dry mouth.

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