Apple Watch Series 1 vs Series 5

Apple Watch Series 1 vs Series 5


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Two completely different gadgets in contrast. Series 5 from this 12 months in opposition to (virtually) the primary era of the particular product. Apple Watch Series 5 is nice and every thing however just a little bit costly, so how does it examine to low cost Apple Watch Series 1?

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28 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 1 vs Series 5

  1. Missed key upgrades that you did not mention. Such as the improved optical heart rate sensor, single lead ECG app, splashproff versus swim proof, speaker is louder, 32 g forces of accelerometer, international emergency calling, fall detection and the digital crown has haptic feedback. Really wanted to see how different those were.

  2. I received this as a birthday gift and for the money it couldnt be better. Yes I realize its a series 1 and it doesnt have all the fancy stuff that the series 3,4, and 5 have, but frankly i dont need all that fancy stuff. The reminders were the only thing that really annoyed me then I realized i could turn those off if they really bugged me. The heart rate monitor is very handy, and message notifications are the most useful thing and thats all i need.. I dont need an EKG or fall detection or anything like that. So i am happy to say this was a good buy, despite being "outdated"

  3. This video is ok but not Convincing. I have a series 1 and a co-worker has a 5 is why I was considering. After seeing this video I'll stay with the 1. Why do you need a super bright watch unless you can see. Who really want to leave their phone at home. Why do you need so much speed on a watch. Your phone has a browser and YouTube. Basically people need to ask theirselves these questions. The watch is good if you just want new. I have a xs Max and the series 1 has been flawless. I keep up with steps. Workouts. Time reminders alarms I need. So the very slow crap is not true. Depends on your needs. Anything newer gets faster.

  4. Just got my first iPhone the 11(switched From a galaxy4) I’m thinking about getting the series 1 since I’m not up to date on tech and this phone is a huge upgrade and since I have no experience with an Apple Watch I won’t be able to criticize the difference

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