Oneplus 5 Optic Amoled Vs Galaxy S7 Edge Super Amoled : Which is Better?

How the Optic Amoled on Oneplus 5 evaluate with the most effective in market Samsung’s Super Amoled screens on S6/S7/S8/Note 8 ?

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23 thoughts on “Oneplus 5 Optic Amoled Vs Galaxy S7 Edge Super Amoled : Which is Better?”
  1. That optic 1080p oled will last longer than the 1440p dynamic oled. Trust me, 1440p with full brightness will kill the screen and cause heating issues.

  2. Oneplus 5 uses the same super amoled screen. But the company has made a software modification so that the colors don't look so saturated, but look more natural. Particularly, I found the super amoled screen contrast better.

  3. 2:07 that’s the difference for people like me are looking for. It’s hard to spot the difference unless you’ve experiment with them in close distance I guess. The way that light is “hitting” between leafs the lens as the camera it’s cruising through trees and the screen respond to that light is great. It might be the pixel density too, 25% more is a big difference. You can’t beat Samsung folks, they’ve been making screens for ages and they’ve been top notch for ages. Just compare at 2:07.

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