Install Galaxy Note 8 Rom on Galaxy Note 3

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23 thoughts on “Install Galaxy Note 8 Rom on Galaxy Note 3”
  1. Hello friend, i have samsung note 3 SM-900
    i turn on my device after 4 months
    my device is showing NULL ip address
    it was a registered device
    does that way u do in the video will help??????????
    kindly replyy……!!!!!!
    OR can i contact u through email, messenger or Whatsappp
    gave me ur address

  2. Thank you verry much, it works faster than the stock rom on my device! The latest version of that rom doesn´t include a Kernel, so I did an advanced wipe on boot and cach and then a factory reset. After that I installed the kernel which I will link you under my comment and then flashed the rom like in the video. In addition to that the latest version of twrp crashed as I tried to flash the rom, so I installed twrp .

  3. The link without ads
    Thank me later

  4. You haven't shown the stylus here, which raises doubts as to whether the new rom will take full advantage of note 3

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