Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review!

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42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review!”
  1. Did Samsung get rid of the window app option in the newer note’s? That seems like a really good UI choice that most tablet have now, I’ve not had a phablet since the Note 2 but I’ve not seen anyone talk about it with the Note 20

  2. The best note Samsung has ever produced….. Oh that replaceable battery! I love that…. even after 6 years….

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  4. Watching on note 20 ultra, im glad i upgraded from note 9, if this one to be the last 1. Im keeping it for awhile.

  5. I wish there are option for us to switch back and forth from the current(2020) app back to 10 years before…it kinda brings back the good old dayss memories…just an opinion…like when i watch he opened instagram…i was like woaa time did go so fast…

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