31 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 vs Galaxy J7 2016 – Apps Opening Speed Test!

  1. a5 is better in lot of things, u didnt mentioned page scrolling, multitasking, 8 cores at a5… and a lot more, and in future u must reboot both phones infront of camera to stop background proceses, this comparation was unfair

  2. I'm currently using J7 2016, and I can say it's really worth it. I got it like six months ago, and I really don't have any complaints. It does everything I want without a problem and it's a nice phone if you want to play games on it, because it does not heat up no matter what you do, and you can play even the most demanding games on high settings without a problem. I'm currently waiting for the Nougat update, and I hope it will get even better with it. I can still recommend this phone to anyone who needs a bit cheaper but great device.

  3. This is why samsung sucks. They confused their customers.
    Why should we pay 300 dollar xtra just for design and ip 68 rating. Samsung just knows how to make money.
    Simply just buy s series if u cant offord it then buy used.

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