ShiftKarado Review – A scam or a decent packers and movers service?


Shifting to a new home or office is a grueling job as we all apply do-it-yourself approach. What if there was a way to automate the entire process? What if someone can ease this extremely tiring process? Someone suggested us to try out ShiftKarado who claim to be professional packers and movers company that is backed by technology experts that will take over the supervising role and ensure things are being done to your satisfaction.

ShiftKarado’s service is backed by Star Worldwide Group that was founded back in 1996 and has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Guragon and Faridabad and serves more than 100 countries.

You can either use their website, or their android app to book an appointment. Apparently, ShiftKarado team team thinks there are no iPhone users in India or maybe iPhone users do not shift their homes.  We gave their app a go and were shocked to see how horrid the entire experience was.

ShiftKarado Review – The app seems to be designed by two year old kid

We are not kidding. Design looks amateurish and not professional at all. There is just too much information crammed into a single window.

First, you cannot use the app without registering, so if you just want to take a quick look at the app, it is not possible. You ought to give them your personal details before you can move to the next window.

Within an hour, we got a call from ShiftKarado helpdesk to ask if we were facing any trouble. Who gave them the permission to give us a call?

This is creepy and sad at same time.


Ok, let’s move ahead. In the app, just select whether you want to move your home/office and size of your home (1/2/3/etc BHK); enter address; destination address; move date and you will get an instant estimated quote.

ShiftKarado Review – Price quoted is too high

I do not want to name its competitors but compared to its competitors, the price quoted by the app is too high. For instance, even an intra city quote where goods were supposed to be moved just 14km away, I was quoted 18000 rupees. Absurd.

But yes, the obvious advantage is that there is No more waiting for a quote! And since the website and app works 24×7, you can book anytime, anywhere. Infact, you can initiate a booking upto 48 hours before shifting. Just make sure you have coordination with your society as shifting requires entry of commercial vehicle in the premises to collect the goods. If your society requires permission, make sure to take it atleast a day before you move.

Booking is confirmed by paying a small token amount. Once the ShiftKarado personnel arrive, they will pack everything for you in tried-and-tested cartons, bubble wraps and so on. You are also free to pack something yourself.

Also, while utmost care is taken during transportation, it is recommended to insure the goods. ICICI Lombard is insurance partner of ShiftKarado and by doing this, you will have complete peace of mind.

You can use ShiftKarado to manage both local shifting as-well-as inter-city moves. So, if you are shifting from Delhi to Bangalore, ShiftKarado has you covered.

shift karado

Verdict – ShiftKarado team needs to work on the horrid app design. Also, it is totally unfair for forcing the users to register before even using the app. Prices quoted are higher than the competitors.

Article written by Mohit Sharma.

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